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We help female photographers, just like you, to gain confidence, grow their Photography business and reach their full career potential in a fun, relaxed and nurturing environment through Online Courses, Workshops and Mentoring. 


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I’m Cait, and Welcome to The Clique.

I’m a Freelance Surf, Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer with an ambitious goal to create a tribe. A girl-gang, let’s call it. Of creative, courageous women, who want to chase their dreams. It’s time for me to share my story, and to help you create yours.

I had a dream as a teenager to have a lifestyle career. A non 9-5. A career I could travel with, and have the freedom and flexibility to be my own boss. Photography has given me that and I’m now in my 6th year of being a freelance Photographer. I’ve never worked a full time job for someone else, nor do I want too. I made a pledge with myself that I would make an impact, make some waves, and create a life for myself that I chose. We all have the choice to do what we want in this life, so why not make it something you care about.

I’ve started The Clique to provide a fun, relaxed and nurturing environment for women to gain industry knowledge, learn valuable photography techniques and gain the confidence to kick start their photographer careers. Workshops, online courses, mini masterclasses, mentor programs, opportunities, competitions, you name it. I want to help you navigate not only your camera, but the bigger picture, and help guide you to achieve your photography goals, however large or small they may be.

Hobbyists or aspiring pro’s alike, whatever your dream, let’s achieve it. If you’ve been searching for a push to help you pick up the camera, get some motivation or simply shift your career path to something more creative, you’ve come to the right place. And believe me, this is only the beginning….

We're about to shake things up.

The Fearless Photographer

Online Course

My 5-Week Program to creating the Photography Career you’ve always dreamed of.


  • Are you ready to Kickstart your Photography Career in Your Niche?
  • Want to Land your Dream Client?
  • Do you want to become a Networking Queen and Price your Shoots with confidence?
  • Do you want to ditch your 9-5 and become a freelance Photographer and live with the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself?
  • Want to learn my bulletproof Lightroom Editing Workflow that’ll cut your editing time in half?



My Womens Surf Photography Workshops might be coming to a beach near you!


  • A full day, hands on experience gaining all the skills and knowledge you need to confidently shoot in the water.
  • A chance to test and try world class equipment.
  • Have you ever wanted to try shooting in the water but don’t know where to start?
  • Network with like-minded women in your area and make connections with lady sliders in your location!

The Clique Workshop was such a supportive, empowering and fun day. Being surrounded by like minded women and being led by a knowledgeable, passionate and genuine mentor left me walking away with not just new skills and knowledge but feeling empowered and inspired to continue to grow with my surf photography.

Ashleigh Campbell - @ashleighcampbell91

If you’re new to surf photography or have more experience but would like some industry insight and a bit of a confidence boost, I can’t recommend The Clique highly enough. It’s such a positive and encouraging learning environment, plus an awesome chance to meet some like minded ladies with similar passions! I came away feeling so inspired, with a new found level of confidence and with some great Instagram content too haha.

Darcie Collington - @darciecollington

Signing up for The Clique Workshop was one of the quickest and most intuitive decisions I’ve made this year. As an ocean-enthusiast, I’ve always been torn between wanting to be in the water and wanting to capture it. During the workshop, I got to do both! Cait is a wonderful facilitator and really encouraging when it comes to going for what you want. That said, I finished the workshop inspired to buy housing for my camera and to make underwater/surf photography a part of my photography services. I can’t wait to get back out in the water and highly recommend The Clique Workshops if you want an introduction to surf photography.


Leslie Carvitto - @lcarvitto

I recommend The Clique Worksop as it has helped me build up so much confidence in the direction I want to head with my photography. Cait is amazing with what she’s doing building her girl gang and passing her knowledge on to those who are eager to learn. The day is jam packed with lots of fun and i highly recommend it to those who want to learn the ways of surf photography. x


Emily Nottingham - @emily_nottingham

I loved every minute of The Clique workshop. From tricks of the trade to meeting like-minded women who all share a love for photography and the ocean. My cup was most definitely full at the end of the day. Thank you Cait for sharing your knowledge and love for the ocean and photography with us all. Bec ~ Sunshine Photography x (PS. Lunch was amazing too!!!!!!)

Bec - @sunshinephotographyaustralia