Ok so it’s February 2020, January is long gone, your motivation may be taking a dip and it feels like this year is already slipping away from you. When we talk about “direction” we generally mean actionable change. I think the biggest thing with the new year is that it brings a new chance to change, a new beginning, but most people don’t look past January, and it gets too February and the motivation and direction is completely lost. Is this feeling like you? Don’t worry because it’s super common and happens to alot of people! But here’s a few tips you can literally take HALF AN HOUR to implement right now that’ll help put you back on track and ready to conquer 2020.

  1. Update your website, NOW.

I know it’s draining, but this is where to start. Take an hour or two right now (or after you’ve finished reading this!) and upload all your latest work to your website. It really doesn’t take THAT long when you switch on and get it done. This will not only make you feel better, but it’ll give you a head start going into the future because you know your LATEST work is on display. Clients have a better chance of hiring you because they see you’re disciplined, organised and have everything up to date! Simple.

2. Post on your instagram that you’re available to work.

This one is funny because not a whole lot of people do it, and every time I’ve done it, I’ve had work flooding in. Some people have no idea where you are in the world, even though you feel like you’re posting it a million times on your instagram stories and your best mates are sick of it! Share either a post or a story and just say ‘Taking bookings for the next few months” enquire at …….. < email address, or DM. This makes it clear and informative that you’re open for business, your ready to start creating MAGIC for clients and you’re easily contactable!

3. Write down a list of 3 goals you’d like to achieve by the end of the month.

Goal setting is tricky, because many people get super excited about the concept of it, start writing down goals, but actually don’t write down ACTIONABLE achievable steps to execute these goals. I think this is one of the hardest things about goal setting. So, find a piece of paper (or your notes section on your Mac!) Write down the following…

  1. Write down your goal and then “how am I going to achieve this”
  2. Write down your goal and then “how am I going to achieve this”
  3. Write down your goal and then “how am I going to achieve this”

And also, don’t think too long term. Big goals can only be achieved by setting little goals to help achieve them. So if you start by 3 x monthly goals (potentially thinking of a bigger goal in mind, a “yearly” goal that these are working towards) then you’re going to feel much more on track!

Hopefully these have helped you gain some clarity into your direction for 2020. If you wanting more guidance and direction, check out our online course below!