Stuck on creativity? We’ve all been there. Pulling yourself out of the so called creative ‘funk’ is one of the hardest things to do as a Photographer. Sometimes it feels like you’re getting completely left behind. Your looking around and it seems like you’re the only one still trying to think of a different way to shoot the product that’s been sitting on your desk for MONTHS!

Fear not girl, because here’s some tips you can dive straight into that are going to turn things around and have you writing down ideas in half an hour!

  1. Drop everything, find your favourite song, and go for a drive.

Clear the mind! We can’t expect any new ideas to pop into our head when it’s full of clutter! I always find driving, even just for 10-15 mins, suddenly clears my mind. I’ve got my favourite song blaring, the wind in my hair and all my troubles start to slowing float away. You’ll find you’ll start to feel a-lot clearer and happier, because you’re super present and in that moment. And if you can’t drive or don’t have a car, go for a walk.

2. Go to the newsagence and buy your favourite magazine.

This is something I don’t do often enough, but feel that every time I do, it pays off! Grab a coffee and switch off your phone, head to the local newsagence or book shop and find a magazine that inspires you. Magazines are simply amazing because they are FULL of images on your favourite topics. They’re a unique form of media that often get’s lost in this day and age of everything digital. This will also help inspire your motivation, because generally the magazines will feature other creatives doing cool things, so if anything, that’ll drive you to start doing your thing!

3. Start TALKING about your creative block.

Most of the time, we don’t realise it, but the answers to our problems lie directly within us. Once you acknowledge the fact that you’re feeling a little creatively challenged, it actually allows us to own that space, be responsible for it, and then allow us to bring in change. If we keep denying the fact we’re not motivated, it’s only going to get worse. Call up a friend or someone that’s in your industry and just open up about how you’re feeling a little stuck. This will actually ignite a pathway to change, and you’ll slowly start feeling like you can, and are allowed to be, inspired again.

Remember, always give yourself TIME. Inspiration and motivation comes in waves, so when it comes, ride it for as long as you can. Every single person on this planet dips in and out of motivation and inspiration so never feel like you’re alone.