Attracting loyal and returning clients is probably every photographers hardest and most difficult thing to do. Creating a system where you are paid for your photography, by a client, whether that’s a brand or a solo person, is the ultimate goal when creating a photography business, and I’m here to share with you some of the ways I’ve managed to do this over my career. The key to what I’m about to share, is that you need to apply it to your niche In photography. That’s your starting point, figuring out what you love to shoot, and then next, researching the brands that would need that type of imagery in their business. We show you how to do this through a step by step process in The Fearless Photographer online course, which you can read more about here if you’re interested.

Now, this topic is easy to over complicate, and whilst there’s no easy fix, I do have some practical, reliable and tested methods on how to attract more photography clients, no matter what you’re shooting.

  1. Join Facebook groups according to what you love shooting – Facebook groups are quickly becoming where a lot of conversations are taking place. If you dig deep and do your research, you can find facebook groups for most types of niches, from food photography to weddings. A quick search in your Facebook Groups area (left panel > explore > groups > search) will guide you through to a range of conversations and potential clients you can tap into
  2. Get your work seen – Oh yes, you know what that means. Print it, get it hung in cafe’s, get it shared on social media, GET IT SEEN. The biggest thing here is to be actively present in pushing your work out. I used to have a few prints hung at local cafes, which would in turn get my work seen. I also used to also allow people to share my work on social media (and still do) because that is how it’ll get scene across the board. Unless a brand is specifically using your work to promote their brand or gain monetisation (which you would then need to be paid for), let go of the reigns and allow your work to be shared and be seen.
  3. Enter Photography Competitions – There are literally thousands of photography competitions happening all over the world, all the time. A quick google search and you’ll be able to find a bunch you can enter right now. Taking an hour or two out of your day to dedicate to this, will see more eyes on your work, leading to a greater opportunity to pick up more clients. Plus, competitions are fun! I once entered the Pedestrian.TV Photo Awards in 2014, and got first place for a surf photo I’d submitted. I got flown up to Sydney, attended an event (where I could network) and from there started a follow on effect of lot’s of different opportunities off the back of that. If you’re not in it, you can’t win it, so enter where you can!
  4. Announce your availability on socials – This is something that is so simple yet seems to be missed a lot of the time. I’ve had experiences where I thought I was being transparent about where I am (geographically) at that moment, and that I was available for photo shoots. Turns out when I got talking to people, they would say ‘oh we had no idea you were here, we could’ve done a photoshoot’ etc. That surprised me because I seriously thought just because I was aware that I was available to be booked, others did too. You need to make this super clear, and literally scream it from your virtual platforms! Even putting upcoming dates or locations of where you’ll be in the your bio, all help when potential clients land on your page and can know instantly you’ll be available. Make this a regular part of your social media strategy girls!

I could go on about more strategies to attract clients, but I feel these are the most effective and easiest to start with and implement into your business. The overall goal, is to NOT take a back seat with this. You need to be active in your quest for attracting clients and spreading brand awareness. Every little bit counts towards more people seeing your brand 🙂