September 28


07:00 am - 06:00 pm

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Newport Beach

1638, Babcock Street, CA 92627

Babcock Street, CA, US, 92627

Calling all aspiring Womens Surf Photographers! It’s finally time to launch my new girl gang The Clique in the USA!

I’ll be hosting a full day, hands on workshop sharing my insider knowledge, techniques and top tips from the last 6 years as a freelance photographer in the surf & fashion industry. You’ll also have access to the very best gear to learn on, from our partners Canon & Aquatech Imaging Solutions who will be providing equipment on the day.

OUR AIM: Our aim for this workshop is to provide a fun, relaxed and nurturing environment for women to gain industry knowledge, learn valuable surf photography techniques and achieve their photography dreams! We want to provide the opportunity for women to use world class equipment and learn how to unlock their creative potential in the industry. We’re here to encourage, uplift and inspire all involved and we want you to walk away feeling empowered and motivated to make your mark on this world!

WHERE: We’ve secured the incredible WARM STUDIO in Costa Mesa, California courtesy our dear friend Serena Lutton (who will also be helping us on the day!) –

This is where we’ll meet and conduct our workshop sessions from. We’ll also be back and fourth from the beach (blackies, Newport Beach) to get in the water and shoot our surfer girls!

WHEN: Saturday September 28th 2019 – Full Day

COST: $500US



You’ve wanted to get into surf and underwater photography but never quite knew where to start.

You may find the surf and photography industry a little daunting and need some guidance into how to navigate your way through it!

You want to learn in a safe, nurturing and relaxed environment with women who are uplifting and encouraging.

You want to try and learn about equipment, affordable water housing set ups, what lenses to use in what conditions and specific settings for different photos.

You want to learn composition, lighting, surf etiquette and where to sit in the water to get the best photos.

You want to learn the best way how to import, edit and export your images in a reliable workflow.

You want to learn how to network in the surf/photography industry and tips into getting your name out there and starting your business.

You want to connect with other women in the photography industry to lift each other up and inspire each other!


–  2 x Water & beach sessions – weather and conditions dependent (morning and afternoon session) – where we will shoot some local surfer girls and I’ll be out there with you guiding you through the exact steps I take to get my surf & underwater photos. You’ll learn the settings I use, best angles, how to incorporate natural light, how to use the water housing, where to sit, when to shoot and much more!

– Edit and review session –  a complete guide on my editing workflow and how to colour grade those beautiful water shots!

– Business chat – I’ll tell you how I make a living out of Photography and guide you on networking, social media, invoicing, liaising with clients and brands and what you need to build your business from scratch!

– A chance to network with other like minded souls.

– A yummy lunch and nourishing snacks all provided throughout the day.


– Bathers + Wetsuit

– Fins (not compulsory but very helpful)

– Towel

– Laptop

– Your own CF or SD Card (I will have some available also)

– Your own card reader

– Lightroom CC – If you haven’t purchased a subscription I can help you with this.


– Canon Camera & lenses for use on the day (You can bring your own camera but I’ll need to approve first. However, this is a great opportunity to experience new equipment.)

– Aquatech Housing for use on the day (this will be 1 between 2 through a buddy system)

– Invitation and Lifetime Access to The Clique Facebook Group for ongoing support

– Ongoing mentoring and guidance from Cait, beyond the workshop!


– You must be 18+ years old to participate in this event

– This workshop is not for complete photography beginners (but if you’ve never used an underwater housing before, this is a great place to start!)

– You will need to be comfortable using a camera.

Any questions, please ask Cait Miers at [email protected]