FAQ. - Frequently Asked Questions. Here’s the lowdown.

 What is the Clique?

The Clique is designed to be a supportive group (both online and in person) of female photographers, mentored by cait miers.

I want in! How do I be apart of The Clique?

At the moment, we are just currently conducting womens surf photography workshops in byron bay and building out our online structure. THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE WORKSHOPS WILL BE INVITED INTO OUR EXCLUSIVE ONLINE FACEBOOK GROUP. We have big plans to move the clique into an online membership portal where you’ll be able to access exclusive content, mini masterclass series, online tutorials, one on one mentoring opportunities and much more. We plan to take Our PHYSICAL workshops to different locations and offer you insane opportunities to kickstart your photography careers, PLUS BE INVOLVED IN A SUPER SUPPORTIVE FEMALE COMMUNITY OF CREATIVES!

Womens Surf Photography Workshop FAQ.

How many people will be in the Workshop?

The workshop is currently open to 12 women.

How old do I have to be to do the Workshops?

Currently, the requirement is to be 18+ for the workshops. however, We plan on holding age specific workshops down the track.

I’ve never picked up a camera before, is this workshop for me?

The womens surf photography workshop we’re holding in byron bay is designed for women who are comfortable with a camera. if you’re a complete beginner in photography, this workshop unfortunately isn’t for you. if you’ve never use underwater housing before, that’s ok, as this workshop is designed to help and give you the necessary skills to be able to do so. we have plans to hold complete beginner workshops down the track.

Can I bring my own camera to the workshop?

we will have a canon 5d mark 4 camera for each person to use in the workshop. there will also be 6 aquatech imaging underwater housings to use in the water sessions. this will work in a buddy system and we will rotate groups. If you would like to bring your own camera + underwater housing, YOU’LL NEED TO LET ME KNOW WHAT TYPE OF CAMERA IT IS FIRST AND GET APPROVAL. this is an option but you have to understand i will be teaching specifics for the canon + aquatech user. PLUS USING NEW GEAR WILL PUSH YOU AS A PHOTOGRAPHER AND I GUARANTEE IT’LL MAKE YOU BETTER IN THE END.