She believed she could, so she did.




My 5-Week Online Course to Creating the Photography Career you’ve always dreamed of.



Let me tell you something.


In this day and age, breaking into the Freelance Photography Industry is hard. I know, because I’ve done it myself. I used to dream as a 19 year old, what my life would look like over the next ten years. It was travelling the world, shooting for my favourite brands, working on my own terms, from whereever I was in the world. I wanted to create a colourful life for myself. Turns out, that’s pretty much what my life looks like right now. And I’m here to tell you that if a little small town girl from Victoria, Australia can do it, than there is absolutely no reason why you can’t too! I’ve spent the last few years pouring all my knowledge into this 5 Week Course. What I’ve learnt from shooting on multi scale jobs, my camera techniques, the way I handle stressful situations, everything from trusting my instincts to the way I pitch to a client. You’re probably wondering why I’m doing this? Why I’m sharing all my knowledge? It’s because I truly honour the power of self belief, determination and hard work, and honestly, I just want to create a supportive environment for women like yourselves, to come and learn, challenge themselves, and live life to their full potential. Just a normal girl, helping out another, to do incredible things. That’s all this is. xx

What Will  I Learn?

Module 1: Your Niche

Module 2: Networking and Your Ideal Client

Module 3: Communication and Pricing

Module 4: Workflow

Module 5: Marketing and Social Media

+ A BONUS MODULE: Content Creation Trips

So, first things first. Let’s quit shooting what we don’t like, where’s the fun in that!? Imagine if you were able to shoot subjects or brands or things that generally make you jump up and down, and get super excited. Think about how positive and attractive that is not only for yourself, but for your photography business. The longevity and overall charisma that comes off your brand, all comes down to you shooting what you love. We’re going to find what makes you tick and turn that into profit!

Do you have a dream client or brand you’d like to work with? Well quit dreaming because it’s time to network like the queen you are and LAND those clients. I’ll share my industry secrets on how to identify your ideal clients and how we target them and actively contact them to start ultimately shooting for them.

I’ll share with you everything you need to know when it comes to communicating with your client and pricing your jobs! We’ll take the worry out of pricing so you can FINALLY charge more with confidence and use my email templates to book your clients with ease.

Ahh yes, my favourite part! We’re going to cut your editing time in half with my unstoppable workflow that you can apply to your own photography business. I’ll be sharing a complete editing tutorial, everything from how I Import, Edit + Export, to what’s in my camera bag and how I handle all my shoots. The complete A-Z when preparing, shooting and delivering a job!

I’m sharing my knowledge of the wonderful world of Instagram! How I gain clients through Instagram, how to set up a profitable Facebook Ad to suit your Photography business and how to fearlessly put yourself out there so that clients are literally knocking on your door!

And, because you’re so great, I’m throwing in a BONUS module on how to travel, and get paid for it. Yep, that’s right. My step-by-step guide on how to create content, while you’re travelling, and get paid for it! Sounds good right?!

Because, let’s face it.

 And you can admit it to yourself. You’ve reached a point in your Photography career where you’re slaving away on shoots you actually have no interest in doing. You’re bored, quite frankly. And, unlike for some, bored just ain’t going to cut it. You’ve got one shot at this life, and you’re determined to make it yours. You’ve already made the incredible choice of taking up a camera (kudos to you!) but now you’re hungry for more. Look I can see that twinkle in your eyes. Don’t worry, I have it too. I have for a long time and it’s gotten me shooting for clients at the top of the surf and lifestyle ladder. You’ve got the skills, you know how to navigate a camera, take a beautiful photo, but now you need a push, direction, a mentor. I’m determined to help you acheive your goals, but that’s only if you want to take that leap with me. In 5 short weeks, together we can turn that around for you. You can um and ahh for ages, but trust me, the first step is taking the leap and giving yourself the credit, respect and opportunity you deserve to make your goals happen. I chased my dreams, now it’s your turn.

This has been the best thing I have given myself! Slowly working through the modules (also setting up website and all that at the same time) and feeling more and more confident in my own work! The course has chopped things that felt huge, out of reach and complicated into bite-size pieces, and makes it all feel achievable. I for sure can do it too! 💪🏼 Thanks Cait! “

Noora Lindstrom


The Fearless photographer course was that perfect push I needed to get back into my photography hobby and understand that with a good mindset and drive I could turn it into something more than just a hobby. Cait’s inspiring passion has given me so much motivation to create a life I want to live. I would love to eventually run a side business selling prints (and taking photos for clients eventually) now that I’ve completed the course and have that dedication I was lacking. “

Jessie Gleeson


I’ve taken quite a few online photography courses but what attracted me to the Clique was learning about the business side of photography and freelancing. I’ll be honest, I was slightly hesitant about purchasing this course, as many others I’ve tried have been far too basic but I am so glad I took the plunge with this one. Cait has delivered on everything it promises. It’s open and honest, and gives you all the actionable steps to take (and what order to take them) to start your photography business from scratch.
This course is not for beginner photographers, it’s for people like me who are at the start of their career and need a bit of guidance and a push in the right direction. Just a few weeks into the course, and I’ve already received my first job offer! I feel so much more confident in what I’m doing now, knowing that Cait does them too. She’s given me direction and confidence – the two things I was looking for. I also feel like I now have an on-going community of women in a similar position who I can go to for advice, as well as Cait herself.”
Hannah Prewitt


Sounds good! How does it work?

Well, you simply purchase the online course and you’ll get your log in details emailed to you immediately. Then, you’ve got your very own Online Learning Portal which you have access too for life. The Fearless Photographer is a go at your own pace style, and once you’ve completed the lessons, and done the work, you just mark complete and move onto the next! Pretty simple right!?

The cost?

Just $997

or Get Access on our new 4 PART PAYMENT PLAN of $270 x 4.  

(Easy and simple to start today for $270 and payments are automatically deducted each month for 4 months)

I built this course knowing I wanted it to be accessible to every type of Photographer! From beginners wanting to kickstart their careers, to the experienced lady looking to hone in on their niche and profits! The total value of this course is over $3600…

And, I’m offering a 30 day – Money Back Guarantee (please read our Terms and Conditions Page Here) if you don’t find the course valuable.