Ever dreamt of a lifestyle career in surf photography? Do you want to gain the confidence to network, shoot with world class equipment, and learn the exact skills I used to become a full time Surf & Lifestyle Photographer? Or maybe you just want to get photography advice in a relaxed, nurturing environment for women who are ambitious and encouraging.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Introducing The Clique , a girl-gang inspired by you guys. Taking you beyond the camera, If you’re anywhere from a hobbyist to an aspiring pro, this workshop will give you the skills to get professional results.

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Introducing ‘The Clique,’ a girl gang for likeminded photographers, inspired by you. I’m creating a tribe of ambitious, courageous women who want to chase their dreams. I chased mine, Now it’s your turn. Join Us.

I couldn’t recommend the workshop highly enough! No matter your skill level or level you’re at in your business there’s something that everyone can take away from the day. Cait, the models and other ladies at the workshop are all beautiful inspiring women who helped push and support me throughout the day. It was great being able to test out a bunch of new gear also. I walked away feeling so much more confident shooting in the water. It was epic, thanks so much!
— Leah Taylor, @leahlight_
The Clique Workshop was such a supportive, empowering and fun day. Being surrounded by like minded women and being led by a knowledgeable, passionate and genuine mentor left me walking away with not just new skills and knowledge but feeling empowered and inspired to continue to grow with my surf photography.
— Ashleigh Campbell, @ashleighcampbell91
I really encourage people to do this workshop. It’s such a great way to connect with other creative. I have been jumping around for two days after the workshop. I was full of energy and I had just one idea in mind, do do and do ! I couldn’t thank enough all the persons present this day and special big up to Cait who took the initiative to create this.
— Marie Charmasson, @mariecharmasson
If you’re new to surf photography or have more experience but would like some industry insight and a bit of a confidence boost, I can’t recommend The Clique highly enough. It’s such a positive and encouraging learning environment, plus an awesome chance to meet some like minded ladies with similar passions! I came away feeling so inspired, with a new found level of confidence and with some great Instagram content too!
— Darcie Collington, @darciecollington

Our current Workshops are for you if…

You’ve always wanted to give surf photography a go but never quite knew where to start….png

You’ve always wanted to give surf photography a go but never quite knew where to start…-2.png

You’ve always wanted to give surf photography a go but never quite knew where to start…-3.png

You’ve always wanted to give surf photography a go but never quite knew where to start…-4.png
She wasn’t perfect, nor did she try. Her hair was messy, her skin kissed by the sun. She was witty, smart & beautiful, a little awkward and sometimes crazy. Full of fire, she was fierce and strong, and her passions were fuelled by the love she surrounded herself with. Nothing in her wardrobe matched, neither did her bikini’s, but she didn’t care. She danced to the beat of her own wave, she loved the rain, she dared herself always. She was the first person to arrive and the last to leave. She had hopes and dreams and she knew she was going to get their one day. She was a child of the ocean, sometimes lying in it for hours, a place she never felt judged. It was her home. She laughed at everything, her smile infectious, and the truth was, she never wanted to grow up. She paved her own path and didn’t stick to the trends. She grew her own roses before she was ever given one. She was loud and wild, but she was passionate. She was a lady of the sea, a warrior. She surfed like a girl and she was damn proud of it.
— cait miers